Virtual Corporate Hospitality

Host a relaxed and engaging Q&A session with a professional host and legend of their field, choose from Music, Sport or Culture. The virtual event offers exclusive intimate access to a legend along with top food, drink & branded items, the modern-day corporate hospitality. 

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How it works

We invite legends to talk about their highlights, share interesting stories and encourage your guests to ask questions ‘in person’ via video call.

Watchalongs allow your guests to feel closer to the professional than they would at a live event. Team up the Zoom call with access to concert/game/activity as well as hampers sent to all your guests homes to enhance their viewing experience.

Q1 Calendar Highlights

Australian Open (January 18 to January 31) 

India vs England Test series (January to February)

Club football (January to May)
Full season (January onwards) 

American Football
Super Bowl (February 7) 

Six Nations (February 6 to March 20)
Lions Tour to South Africa (July 3 to August 7) 

Masters (April) 

Full 2021 Calendar

Official hospitality in 2021

AOK Cavendish are the hospitality arm of AOK Events and are one of the UK’s largest hospitality agencies.

For over 20 years, AOK Cavendish have offered a range of hospitality packages, giving you access to the very best music, arts and sporting events across the UK and Europe.

We guarantee to offer you the widest range of hospitality facilities at every event and we will not be beaten on price.

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Trusted event organisers for over two decades

For over 20 years, AOK Creative have been helping companies design, deliver and manage events that exceed expectations. We've been trusted to manage virtual events for influential brandsincluding LinkedIn, PayPal and Innocent Drinks. We're proud that our experienced and creative team are consistently praised by our clients for the fantastic job they do. 

What our clients say

Your planning, coordination, and support on the weekend itself were, as always, second to none!

Innocent Drinks

Your team is a credit to your business. I look forward to many more events hosted by AOK Creative!

Virgin Media Business

You guys are truly great. You make my life so much easier!


You guys were amazing! Everything was absolutely perfect!

Jack Wills

AOK Creative

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